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Alex Queral Face|Book, Baltimore City Paper, Bret McCabe, March 26, 2014
Art Made from Books, Chronicle Books, August 2013
500 Paper Objects: New Directions in Paper Art - A Preview, Lark Crafts, June, 2013
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Frank Hyder of Projects Gallery on Alex Queral during Red Dot Basel Miami , December, 2010, George Fishman, www.mosaicofart.com, audio interview (scroll to bottom of left-hand column)
Ripley's Headquarters receives Queral Shipment, March12, 2010, facebook
In Brief / March 2010, Lance Elko, March 2010, U.S. Airways Magazine
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Unbelievable Celebrity Phone Book Carvings, Zoe Ajiboye, Janurary 21, 2010, webdesignerdepot.com
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Alex Queral, Allie Pruitt, August 24, 2009, The Weekly World News
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Phonebook Art at Philadelphia Airport , July 16, 2009, Harriet Baskas, Stuck at the Airport
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Environmental Artwork Turns our Trash into Treasure, November 20, 2008, Elena Smith, The Phoenix
Ringo Starr sculpture . . ., December 5, 2008, Mirror.co.uk,
We've Got Their Number, November 4, 2008, The Sun, (Alex Queral; includes gallery)
Telephone Directory Carvings, November 30, 2008, Modern Art Candy

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Alex Queral, February 18, Deb Grant, sometimes i see awesome things
Creative recyling; he´ in the book, Peter Sterlinig, February 17, 2010, Green Explorer, Ovi Labs
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Recycled telephone directories used as canvas for . . , Aditi Justa, November 24, 2009, green diary
Alex Queral's Phonebooks, DJC, September 29, 2009, cherrybombed.com
Alex Queral's carved phone book art, Jennifer DeDonato September 13, 2009, ColorFly Studio.
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Jack Nicholson phonebook sculpture, August 20, 2009, Jack Nicholson Online
Work of Alex Queral, Paul Overton, August, 2009, dudecraft.com
More Phonebooks, January 22, 2009, Elena Smith, Hanna & Lisen
3D Phonebook Art , November 30, 2008, Trend Hunter.com
Phonebook Art , November 27, 2008, Fun 2 Fun
Phonebook Art , November 26, 2008, Fresh Pics
Alex Queral , December 7, 2008, Webparade

Elle (Oriental) Magazine, May 2008 issue:


From Portland (USA), the idea of Taylor Stevenson, a “social worker” as they say in France, is blazing a trail…from Brazil to Lebanon, “Live Debris” demonstrates the absurdities of a world that discards everything and the indisputable creativity of those capable of creating things with other people’s trash.  The Beiruti exposition will occur twice.  It will start at Souk El Tayeb in Saifi with a series of recycled art workshops.  Then, in the end of May, the works will be exhibited at Umam in the southern suburbs of Beirut.  There will be works by Marwan Nahle, the lamps and furniture of Ziad Abichaker (founder of Cedar Environmental, which works in recycling on a national level) and the work of students.  Also included are the rugs of the Egyptian “Zabaleen” made from discarded rags from the streets and Brazilian handbags made from plastic.  Among other things… “My goal is to encourage visitors to set aside their prejudices”, explains Taylor Stevenson.  Message received.

May 3rd at Souk el Tayeb and from May 28th at Umam (www.umam-dr.org)

"First Friday at Hyder Gallery", The Star, Matt Petaccio, May 5, 2005