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October 7-29, 2011

Images from "Abstraction"
Press from "Abstraction"

            Abstraction is the first in a series of exhibitions exploring a variety of artistic genres utilizing the talent of contemporary artists.  Beginning with the first completely abstract painting made by Wassily Kandinsky in 1910, artists have used abstraction to create forms that have no reference to figurative reality.  In its wider definition, abstraction describes art that depicts real forms in a simplified or reduced way that keeps only an allusion of the original subject matter.  Even into the 21st century, abstraction continues to invigorate and liberate many artists to think beyond the limits of conventional forms and media.  Whether working with geometric shapes, pure color fields, symbols or expressionistic gesture, abstractionists try to convey a feeling or a sense of the known and unknown.  According to Rudolph Arnheim in Visual Thing, “Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.”  

            This juried exhibition features 28 selected artists and several invited guests.  The works encompass a variety of media, including drawing, mixed media, painting, print and sculpture. Abstraction presents traditional techniques, as well as new technology; and it demonstrates the plethora of artistic styles even within a specific genre.  Juried artists include:  Robert Aiosa, Jon Anderson, Steven R. Berry, Tom Coffin, Alexa de los Reyes, Paul Downie, Patricia Dusman, Astrid Fitzgerald, Ashley Flynn, Sheila Grabarsky, Marjorie Grigonis, Denis Grué, Stephen Haigh, Lisa Haskell, Mary Kane, Del Lovett, Sandi Neiman Lovitz, Beth Malonoski, Courtney Mendenhall, William Montgomery, Saga Moor, Carol Philips, Sophie Sanders, Zoe Spiliotis, Stephanie Suter, Annelies van Dommelen, Alice Whealin and Kim Yantis.