Wynwood Lofts #206, 250 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL 33127
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Margery Amdur
September 7-29, 2012

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September sees Projects Gallery celebrating its eighth season opener with the second solo show of paintings and assemblages of Margery Amdur. Ms. Amdur is well known to the Philadelphia art world for her imaginative mixed media constructions. Using American kitsch as a launch pad for immense and complex contemporary art constructs, her works come alive with innovation, sensitivity and creative verve. As she enters the world of kitsch, she also touches on traditional women's art-making techniques and household games, such as paint-by-number kits. All of this comes together in large-scale works on paper and innovative collages. Ms. Amdur is neither a pure painter, yet she uses painting strategies; a printmaker, although she employs numerous printmaking processes; a sculptor, yet she frequently works openly on the floor and wall as would a classical sculptor; nor a textile artist, though her works flow filled with textiles and elements essential to the textile artist. She has, at times, referred to herself as an installation artist, a painter and a sculptor; but in reality these titles all fall far from the mark when describing the unique form that has evolved into the Margery Amdur we see here. In short, she is a builder of images, often seeming to build them right in front of our eyes.