629 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123
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Elizabeth Bisbing
"People / Places / Paper "
April 4 - 26, 2008 Projects Gallery

Projects Gallery proudly presents Elizabeth Bisbing in her first Philadelphia solo exhibition entitled People / Places / Paper. Known for her skillful cut-paper assemblages that pay homage to familiar classical works, Bisbing creates delicately layered miniatures. For this exhibition, she creates interiors inspired by the works from the Dutch Golden Age as well as a series of figures from the wider body of art history. Expanding on the concept of a Victorian parlor game, Bisbing has removed or hidden most of the faces in these postcard-size portraits. Male and female saints, a geisha, and figures borrowed from Vermeer to Klimt all become featureless, teasing with the concept of what is hidden and revealed. The scenes of these recognizable images take on a new dimensionality and an intimate approachable scale through the artist’s sure hand. Through her interpretation of these precise cut-paper works, the art historical images take on a modern vitality.

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