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Kit Brown and Huston Ripley
"Drawn Out and Shot"
November 2 - December 29th, 2007 Projects Sotano

Uniting two friends from across the Atlantic Ocean, Drawn Out and Shot utilizes different mediums to explore personal perspectives on sexuality and the human experience. Huston Ripley’s obsessive drawings and Kit Brown’s cheeky black and white photographs are synergistic. 

Kit Brown, a Paris-based artist, infuses his photography with a sensual yet light-hearted approach to his figurative subject matter. In stark black and white photo prints, nude figures demonstrate the erotic and absurd, teasing the line between fetish and farce. Often combining the urbane with a sense of comedy, the fanciful with pornographic suggestions, Brown’s investigation of these figures is with a frank openness, neither clinical nor salacious. 

Philadelphian Huston Ripley composes masterful and meticulously detailed ink drawings with images that radiate and echo like the concentric rings of a mandala. Using a fine point pen and Japanese paper, stacked and folded layer upon layer, Ripley draws only on the top-most surface so the ink bleeds downward, producing “an osmotic image” that fuses Eastern and Western ideas with seamless grace. Geometric wreaths frame the whole. A female presence repeats itself throughout the compositions, mingled with cryptic images of genitalia, reptiles, leering Hindu-esque Gods and a maelstrom of humanity. Ripley’s works are a personal journey into the entire human process, from creation to death and the sweet terrors and peace between.


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