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Florence Putterman
"Noir et Blanc"
April 4 - 26, 2008 Projects Gallery

Projects Gallery is pleased present its second solo exhibition of Florence Putterman.  Known for her textural paintings and bold, earthy colors, Noir et Blanc features works in only black and white, focusing the exhibition on Putterman’s keen image-making.  Utilizing etching and woodcuts, these works on paper continue to explore an imaginative world of whimsy and humor. Expressive and figurative, these prints are companion pieces to her often large-scale paintings that have been the benchmark of this artist’s extensive body of work.  Through these narrative prints, we are invited to explore both land and seascapes where humans interact with the animals and nature as a benevolent observer and caretaker.  Putterman has the ability to interpret dreams and fantasy with charm and an almost child-like touch.  Frogs and elephants, stars and moons all weave a tale of adventure with no certain meaning but a sense of nocturnal déjà vu.

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Florence Putterman
"Narratives, Mediums, Genres"
March 17 - April 23, 2006 Projects Gallery & Projects Room
Florence Putterman is a painter and printmaker in the whimsical spirit of Miro, Kandinsky, Chagall and Klee, mixed with the Fauves, Surrealists and German Expressionists.  Putterman’s work has a primitive quality, enhanced by her use of sand and crushed shells to make a crackled textured support which is gessoed and left to harden before paint is applied.  Her colors are earthy, pungent and bold and are caught up in the excitement of cosmic energies.  Her artistic interest in the spiritual was furthered by an NEA grant to explore and study the prehistoric symbolism of our ancient civilizations.Putterman’s work speaks of great energy, humming with vitality through a chorus of images (some abstract, some figurative)  that dance magically across her canvases. Her collages are composed of found objects, hand-made papers and Putterman’s great interest in giving discarded items a new life and meaning.
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