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Time & Material
March 7 - April 25, 2015
Reception March 14th 6-10 pm

"Time & Material Images"

Projects Gallery is pleased to present Time and Material.  Since its inception in 2004, Projects Gallery has always focused on artists who practice a personal form of art making, especially when it comes to utilizing unusual materials. This group exhibition highlights several of our gallery artists and their unusual material usage.

Ross Bonfanti creates his popular concreatures by rescuing cute, stuffed animals from thrift stores and ripping the stuffing out of ‘em. The empty vessels are then filled with concrete. Once cured, the fur skin is peeled away, leaving a disarming concreature in place. Textured with the underside of the fabric, with fur embedded in the exposed seams, these sculptures retain their plush appearance and original features. The resulting sculpture is a constant juxtaposition between the expected and the actual.

Harry Enchin finds old photographs – very old photographs.  Going to the exact location, he takes his own, contemporary shots.  He then merges the two to create a time capsule montage.  The result is a historical, cultural and social snapshot of how things change without our being aware. 

Frank Hyder is a mixed media master.  Whether viewing his 2D or 3D works, one is always drawn to his use of color, light and movement.  His newest works employ a Plexiglas shell to which he applies paper, paint and resin.  The use of LED lighting furthers the sense of awe as the slowing changing colors create a visually sensual experience.

Florence Putterman uses imagery like a typesetter uses letters…imprinting her canvases with marks that create a language of fantasy, emotion and wonder.  Often applying sand and crushed shells to her canvas before painting, she allows these forms to lead her to the creatures and shapes that follow.

Alex Queral’s carved phonebooks receive “how’d-he-do-that?” attention wherever they travel.  His lushly detailed carvings are created from the soft material of phonebooks. Utilizing classical carving techniques on an unexpected material, Queral brings forth the individual from the faceless masses.

Peter Gourfain is a master printmaker.  Using powerful images that are often politically motivated and socially poignant, this New York-based artist creates insightful, thought-provoking works from a few simple tools.  Utilizing a palette of mainly black and white, with an occasional nod to color, Gourfain often employs a sense of humor and dry whit to simultaneously entertain and challenge his audience.