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Although not actively seeking artists, Projects Gallery accepts unsolicited submissions. These are generally put on file and reviewed as time permits. Therefore, a significant amount of time may elapse between submission and review. Please understand our primary business is operating the gallery, not reviewing new work, and any delay is not a reflection of your work. Unsolicited submissions are not guaranteed a response from Projects Gallery. If you still wish to make a submission, please consider the following guidelines:

Projects Gallery only accepts digital submissions via email or snail mail. Images may be jpg, tiff, or gif format. We do not review work in front of artists. Submitted disks will not be returned, even if you provide a return envelope. Therefore, we suggest you save both paper and postage by submitting all files electronically. In addition to images, please include a current resume, artist statement, website address, and list of titles, materials, dimensions and current pricing of the works. Again, we strongly suggest submitting these as electronic files, either Word doc or pdf. Also please include a brief letter of introduction explaining who you are and how you feel your work fits into the art already shown at Projects Gallery. Feel free to refer to work you have seen on the website or in person.

Please bear in mind that Projects Gallery has a special interest in unusual use of material and imagery. Please review the artists we do currently represent and express how you feel your work would fit into the gallery's aesthetic. If you find it does not, perhaps we are not the proper fit for your work.

Mail Submissions to:
Projects Gallery
250 NW 23rd St., #208
Miami, FL 33127