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Canadian artist, Harry Enchin, finds old photographs - really old photographs. Using archival cityscapes, the artist physically goes to that exact location and creates new moments in time with his own photography. He then brings the two together in a photographic collage. Sometimes with a left/right or top/bottom orientation but also with a delicate blending, the artist accentuates elements from both eras. In his three current series, Toronto Time, Manhattan Memento and Boston & Before, we see not only the eye of the photographer but also the cultural and social changes that have occurred. There are history lessons here.

The photograph is the universally accepted version of truth. "Seeing is believing" is a common statement. Time heals all things and change is irresistable and inevitable. So a place alive and active for over a hundred years should reveal enormous change. Enchin's photos of the same exact spot a hundred years apart do, at first glimpse, reveal great change. Then, as one studies his carefully woven, newly combined images, one cannot help noticing how many things remain the same. Time reveals something profound in the human nature, revealed in these elegant photo combos. Time may heal all things, but it also reveals how much they stay the same.

Each photographic C-print comes with a high-quality, contemporary presentation that is face-mounted to acrylic on Dibond with a metal hanging bracket. Prints are available in three sizes/edition counts: 33" longest side/edition of 25; 48" longest side/edition of 10; 60" longest side/edition of 5. Please contact the gallery for specifics on each print.

Boston & Before Series
Manhattan Memento Series
Toronto Time Series