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Sidney Goodman Images

Born in Philadelphia, Sidney Goodman is a highly awarded figurative-expressionist artist whose work has been displayed in a retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and featured in the published catalog of the show. In addition his has also been granted a NEA Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, Yale-Norfolk Fellowship and the Ford Foundation Purchase Award.

Sidney Goodman is hailed as “one of the preeminent contemporary American painters and craftsmen exploring . . . the human form.” In work that is described alternately as realist, metaphysical and allegorical, Goodman crafts scenes classical in composition yet modern in subject, blurring the past and present. There is a weight to Goodman’s work, the lights and darks offering the profound in the mundane. Focusing on the human form, the artist skillfully renders simple gestures seemingly fraught with history and narrative. The tension and repose of his subjects focus his art with the physicality of the body while suggesting the complex range of experience in the human condition.

Goodman’s work is included in many public museum collections, as well as those of corporations and private ownership. Some of the many museums possessing his work include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney, the MOMA, the Brooklyn Museum, the Philadelphia Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago, among others. He was recently elected to the National Academy of Design and currently teaches at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.